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The December 11 public hearing had a total of thirteen applications, including five infill applications. Two of those applications were selected for debate, including Situate’s application to rezone a Prince Rupert site to RA8 (which Administration did not support). Check out the summary below. 👇


For the second public hearing in a row Council approved an application that Administration didn’t support. This time it was Situate’s application in Prince Rupert to rezone a 40 year old direct control zone to the RA8/RMh23 zone.

Administration expressed non-support for the rezoning based on City Plan’s guidance to focus mid-rise buildings within nodes and corridors. In Adminstration’s opinion the site was not located within a transition area from a node or corridor, or within a local node, so they saw it as misaligned with City Plan. However, Administration acknowledged that if approved, the development was unlikely to create negative impacts on surrounding properties as it is surrounded by RA7-zoned land and apartments, and across the street from a large park.

Situate argued for the need to update the zoning to reflect contemporary regulatory frameworks and to support residential infill at various scales and densities.The debate ultimately revolved around the appropriateness of mid-rise development at this specific interior site in Prince Rupert, balancing policy interpretation with contemporary housing needs and neighbourhood context.

In the end the application was approved 11-2, with Councillors Paquette and Principe voting against it.



“I’m going to quote Gretzky which is not something I often get to do at public hearing, but I think there’s something very apt in what he says around going to where the puck is going, not where it is. And I think that speaks to one of the fundamental tensions that I’ve heard today is—are we planning for current conditions or what the future will look like? […] This is a great opportunity for there to be some multi-family housing in the interior of a neighborhood. I think providing housing options is a core tenet of city plan, and that means not just the unit type but the type of unit and the location that it can be found in.”
– Councillor Anne Stevenson


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