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The April 2 public hearing had a total of nine applications (fourteen agenda items), including five infill applications.

Three rezoning files passed without debate:

➡️ In Meyokumin and Ottewell, zones were shifted from RSF (Small Scale Flex Residential Zone) to PSN (Neighbourhood Parks and Services Zone). These changes pave the way for new, small-scale parks and community amenities, enhancing green spaces and recreational opportunities in these neighborhoods 🌳🌼🌿.

➡️ In Malmo Plains, a rezoning from RMh23 (Medium Scale Residential Zone) to CG (General Business Zone) was also approved with no debate.

The rest of the infill files included notable discussions and decisions. 📜 Council discussed and approved the ICE District’s application to extend the timeframe on their surface parking lot: Katz Group granted extension to agreement allowing surface parking lots north of Rogers Place.

Additionally, Blatchford saw a swift approval to amend the BRH Blatchford Row Housing zone to have taller buildings, narrower lot widths, and to get rid of zone-specific amenity area regulations. Regardless, the pace of building at Blatchford a concern for some on Edmonton city council.


Brentwood Community Development Group’s application to rezone their site in Woodcroft from RSMh12 (Small-Medium Scale Transition) and RMh16 (Medium Scale Residential) zoning to a new direct control zone allowing for up to 750 dwellings in three to ten storey buildings was approved.

The community response was mixed: some welcomed the increased density close to amenities and transit 🚌🌳, while others had concerns about potential traffic 🚗, crime 🔍, and the scale of the development.


Despite these debates, the application eventually passed unanimously, with Council endorsing the zone for its alignment with the city’s strategic goals for higher density 🎯. The rezoning paves the way for a significant transformation of the area into a high-density residential hub.


“…this rezoning is in alignment with the City Plan and it’s an excellent location for increased density, given proximity to various amenities as well as transit. What excites me about this rezoning is that it will help deliver much-needed housing in our city and importantly three plus bedroom units to provide larger families an opportunity to live in a fantastic community. This is not only close to transit and amenities but some fantastic green space and parks. I appreciate the attention given to how this development will interface with the surrounding area [and] the attention to detail when it comes to some multimodal pathways throughout the site.”

– Councillor Ashley Salvador


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The April 22 public hearing has a total of six applications (ten agenda items), including three infill applications.

The infill files include:

➡️ Aster: an application to amend the boundary of the North Saskatchewan River Valley Area Redevelopment Plan and to rezone from the Agricultural Zone (AG) to Small Scale Flex Residential Zone (RSF), River Valley Zone (A), and Public Utility Zone (PU) to allow for a variety of small scale housing, preservation of natural areas and parklands, and the incorporation of stormwater management infrastructure 🏡🌲💧

➡️ Prince Rupert: rezoning from the Medium Industrial Zone (IM) to the Business Employment Zone (BE) to facilitate light industrial and small commercial businesses 🏭🛍️

➡️ Windsor Park: rezoning from the Small Scale Residential Zone (RS) to the Medium Scale Residential Zone (RMh23) to allow for medium scale housing and potentially including community and commercial spaces on the ground floor 🏘️🏢


👀 We’ll be watching the rezoning application for Windsor Park. Despite notable local resistance due to size and density concerns, city planners back the change for its strategic alignment with urban development goals in a major growth and employment hub near the University of Alberta. 🌆📈👍 Stay tuned!


Tune in to the City Council meeting on Monday, April 22 starting at 9:30 am on the City’s Youtube channel.


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The final drafts of the District Policy and all fifteen District Plans are now up for review at edmonton.ca/districtplans. The city is hosting virtual public information sessions on April 22, 23, or 24, 2024, check it out to learn more about these changes directly from the project team. The plans are heading to City Council Public Hearing on May 28. Details on how to participate will be in our next update. Stay tuned! 📅👀


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