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Jerry Rota is the owner of Midway Music Hall and Central Social Hall.

Scope of Work


Jerry Rota is the longtime owner of the night club and concert venue at 61 Avenue and Calgary Trail, Midway Music Hall (formerly the Ranch Road House). In early 2021, Mr. Rota was informed that the existing digital sign on the property did not have a development permit. He has leased the property since 2011, at which time the sign was already in place.

He subsequently applied for a development permit which was refused by the City because it exceeded the maximum height for a digital sign, a regulation that was introduced on October 11, 2011, after the sign was installed. Mr. Rota appealed the decision and engaged Situate to prepare a formal appellant submission to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB), including written arguments and supporting illustrations.

Situate’s submission demonstrated that the proposed project would not unduly interfere with neighbourhood amenities, in accordance with Alberta’s Municipal Government Act. Consequently, the Board’s decision confirmed the appeal and overturned the refusal of the development permit. As a result, the sign will be able to remain on site.

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