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How We Work

We’re as passionate about great development as you are, yet we know infill and brownfield projects aren’t easythe rules simply weren’t designed for them. That’s why we align our technical policy and regulatory skill with what really matters: unwavering determination, advocacy and creative problem solving.  



Determination is a mindset, and we take it seriously. The planning and development process can be full of roadblocks and challenges. Determination is essential for success.




To get the results you want, sometimes you need to know who to talk to. We proactively engage with neighbours, community, Council, Administration and the media to drive support for your project.

creative problem solving


Much bigger than brainstorming, the creative problem solving process is a disciplined approach to creating new and novel solutions.

Why we work

The values that inform what we do.


We value pragmatic solutions that balance community with market reality.


Every place can be great. We help uncover and realize potential.

Feelings Matter

How people feel determines the success of projects and places.

Hope over Fear

We are optimists–just because it hasn’t been done (yet) doesn’t mean it can’t be done here.

We Are Equals

We value collaboration and curiosity, and work with you as partners.

Make it happen

We focus on making a difference on the ground, not extra weight on a bookshelf.

Selected Work

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2 weeks ago
Small scale multi-unit housing defeated today by #yegcc in Idylwylde. Shout out to our client @hayneshomes for the unfailing commitment to the #missingmiddle. #maybeoneday #yeginfill #rowhousing https://t.co/l5DgERANS7
situateinc photo
YEG City Planning @PlanEdmonton
Plan amendment and rezoning application to allow small-scale #yeginfill development at a site in the Idylwylde neighbourhood. Items 3.2-3.3. March 10 #yegcc Public Hearing. #yegplan https://t.co/iUbg5VJk2j

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