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rezoning, subdivision and permits.

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How We Work

We’re as passionate about great development as you are, yet we know infill and brownfield projects aren’t easythe rules simply weren’t designed for them. That’s why we align our technical policy and regulatory skill with what really matters: unwavering determination, advocacy and creative problem solving.  



Determination is a mindset, and we take it seriously. The planning and development process can be full of roadblocks and challenges. Determination is essential for success.




To get the results you want, sometimes you need to know who to talk to. We proactively engage with neighbours, community, Council, Administration and the media to drive support for your project.

creative problem solving


Much bigger than brainstorming, the creative problem solving process is a disciplined approach to creating new and novel solutions.

Why we work

The core values that inform what we do.


We love what we do. We truly believe that real estate development helps create a happy, healthy city.


When issues arise we dig down to the root of the problem and work tirelessly to find and advocate for a solution.


We value pragmatic real estate solutions that balance market and non-market forces.


We’re confident about what we bring to the table; we’re also open-minded and ready to learn more each and every day.


We think jargon and technical language is overrated, and we do our best to avoid it. The information and advice we share with clients is straightforward, informative, and easy to understand. 

Selected Work

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2 months ago
We got certified through this program and totally recommend it! https://t.co/hKwx3qoBNz
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IDEA @InfillEdmonton
Infill Certification Program Dates: April 21 - April 27
Topics cover: design, permits, construction practices & community relations
Also includes a special info session: Guaranteed Review Stream for Building Permits
Register Here: https://t.co/tPkwhDePpm
#infill #Certified #yeg https://t.co/4k9JjcsenM

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