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We think surprises should come in the form of birthday parties and breakfast in bed on Sunday mornings, not hefty invoices. As a result, we specialize in providing focused, fixed-fee services.

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Choose just what you need for your project, or create a custom package to fit your needs.

If there’s something you need but you don’t see here, please get in touch. We’d be happy to provide a custom proposal.


Zoning Analysis

Do you own property or are you thinking of buying or selling? A Zoning Analysis will give you a quick, accurate, and unbiased opinion on the development potential of your site.




Minor development permits for small scale development like garden suites, as well as major development permits for medium to large scale residential and commercial mixed use projects.



Project Support

Ongoing advice, support, management and monitoring as your project unfolds.


Custom direct control zones to facilitate heritage preservation and unique development opportunities, as well as rezoning applications to standard zones.



Public Engagement

From neighbour notification letters to full-blown workshops, effective public engagement builds trust and creates better projects.


Strategic Planning

Not sure where to start? A strategic planning session can help refine and refresh the focus of your organization, idea, or project.

row housing: Drawings + Development permits

We’re very excited to be offering a brand new service: permit drawings and comprehensive permit coordination for small scale multi-unit housing including row housing, stacked row housing, and garden suites. 

We’ve been coordinating permits for awhile now, and one thing we repeatedly notice is the amount of missing information and unnecessary and unexpected variances that clog up and slow down the permitting process. 

It doesn’t have to be that way. We apply our in-depth understanding of the Edmonton Zoning Bylaw to work with you on a design that meets regulations. And if it doesn’t, you know exactly why and what variances will be required, as well as the likelihood of getting that variance granted. Faster and more efficient permits–who doesn’t dream of that at night?

Contact us for details.

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